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A wide range of activities are available at the Williams Conference Centre and can be used for team building and hospitality days or to enhance your events. Activities can take place within the Conference Centre and we also have a grass area available for non-motorised activities.


We offer a choice of two simulator experiences:

The Original F1 Simulator gives you the opportunity to take the seat in an FW22 which was driven in 2000 by Jenson Button and Ralf Schumacher. The simulator is in a fixed location in the Trophy Room.

Our Half Car Simulator gives the same experience as the original but is a bespoke activity unit. Normally located in either the Trophy or Technology Room, but can be moved to a suitable 1st floor location when required.

Both cars offer realistic force feedback through the steering wheel simulating the loading effect whilst cornering, braking and acceleration. Controlled by the participant using the onboard brake and accelerator pedals with instruction provided by our experienced operators who will keep a record of the fastest lap times.

Scalextric Challenge

Using a giant four-lane Scalextric with F1 cars, your guests will be entertained from start to finish in an absorbing, highly competitive format which can be tailored to your numbers and requirements of event. Ideal as a structured team building activity or as an informal entertainment for networking and social events.

BATAK Challenge

The BATAK is used to improve reaction, hand-eye coordination and stamina, a training aid used by Formula 1 drivers. Eight LED numbered targets are put under the control of a dedicated microcomputer. The goal is to touch as many of the illuminated lights as possible in a set time. BATAK is fast, fun and skilful. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels and can be used as part of a program of structured activities or just for fun during catering breaks.

Pit Stop Challenge

The Pit Stop Challenge is a unique experience creating all the excitement, adrenaline and pressure of an actual Formula One pit stop; it’s a real test of skill, co-ordination and team work with Williams Martini Racing cars and equipment as used at grands prix around the world.

The activity is infinitely variable according to your agenda and group size, teams can participate in sessions lasting as little as 20-30 minutes, although learning opportunities will be limited, typically this structure will work well as part of a multi-activity event or when used as a conference breakout energiser for larger events.