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Cybex is a leading manufacturer of premium commercial fitness equipment. The company’s dedication to exercise science, through the Cybex Research Institute, leads the fitness industry in the development of exercise machines that enhance human performance. With over 90 patents, Cybex equipment is innovative in design, durable in structure and engineered to be biomechanically correct to produce optimum results with minimum stress on the body.

Cybex manufactures the industry’s largest range of strength equipment with over 150 unique pieces including the Prestige Strength VRS and Eagle NX selectorised lines, the Bravo functional training series, plate loaded, free weights and Big Iron power racks. Its cardio range includes treadmills, bikes, the patented Arc Trainer and the SPARC Trainer, a self-powered high intensity training machine.

Cybex also manufactures a full range of IFI stage 2 accredited equipment, provides custom 3D CAD design and bespoke marketing packages, flexible financing, ongoing service and warranty support and over 30 REPs accredited seminars across the UK.

The Cybex Research Institute, the research arm of Cybex, investigates both existing products and future concepts to ensure designs are optimised for the best fitness results and educates the public and trainers on the safe and effective use of Cybex machines.

The goals of the Cybex Research Institute are unique; by providing the science for new products, by leading the fitness industry in exercise research and education, and by delivering outstanding programming to operators and consumers alike, it is this commitment to science that is critical to producing the finest exercise equipment in the world.